Actrek on Indiegogo

Actrek is campaigning on Indiegogo and we have reached 50% of our funding goal in two and half weeks. You can find out more about Actrek campaign at   Support us by sharing Actrek with your friends and track our updates on our Indiegogo.    

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Dear Actrek Supporters:   We like to introduce this exciting referral program to you so that you would have a chance to receive your Actrek for free.  You can earn $20 in credit every time a friend of yours makes a pledge to Actrek campaign.   How it works Log into your Indiegogo account and make a pledge to Actrek (if you have not done so) On the left side of Actrek campaign page, click on the LINK icon   Indiegogo will generated a unique URL for you Copy and share your unique URL with your friends on social media and/or […]

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Actrek Differentiations


Fitness trackers become very popular in the market for the past couple of years. In the meantime, the amount of feedback to the users by those devices are disappointing. We at Entanti focus on providing all-in-one solutions for Sports, Nutrition and Sleep in a much more profound way to address real issues and needs for the consumers.   As a sport monitor, Actrek supports many exercises ranging from yoga, cardio, jogging, biking to tennis, racquetball and golf. For each sport, Actrek monitors the activity levels, performance and associated physiological parameters. By having such comprehensive information recorded, users could track performance, […]

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Actrek supports the 3 pillars of health and fitness


There are 3 pillars that support our health and fitness. They are food, exercise and sleep. In our daily life, we often do not consider them as a whole while they are truly interconnected. Missing any one of them would wreck any efforts that we make to improve our wellness.   A good night sleep is essential for our body and mind to rest and recover from the stress due to the whole day’s activities. As Jojo Jensen said in his Dirt Farmer Wisdom, “without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year olds”   Having a good sleep everyday, we […]

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Mechanical Model released


The latest mechanical model was release by our factory yesterday. It is a great milestone for Actrek project. With this latest model we are now starting many tests including tolerance analysis, material and color validation, EM stacking optimization, usability study and SOP definition.   Mechanical model is a critical step for us to establish our capabilities of migrating our latest R&D efforts towards manufacturing. All details found from the mechanical model would help us to find problems in our design and consequently to resolve these problems for better performance and quality.   Kudos to our design & manufacturing teams for […]

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Body composition is important to your health


Health practitioners universally agree that too much body fat is a serious health risk. Problems such as hypertension, elevated blood lipids (fats and cholesterol), diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, respiratory dysfunction, gall bladder disease, and some joint diseases   Very often, people mistake body composition for BMI. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simplified indicator using a person’s weight vs. height comparing to a large population on average. Even though, BMI give a rough estimation of whether a person’s weight is on target, it is sometimes misleading. When people perform bodybuilding exercises, the body fat goes down while the muscle mass […]

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Stay hydrated and stay healthy


Staying hydrated is essential to our health. 60% of our body is water which helps the body temperature regulation and keeps our heart to pump blood to brain, muscles, skin, and all organs in order for them to work efficiently. In the mean time, Hydration level is critical for many illnesses including diabetes and heart diseases. During sports and exercises, a good hydration level improves performance and prevents injuries. Knowing and managing hydration level throughout the day and night can help people to manage and improve the overall health and fitness.   With Actrek, users could monitor and track their […]

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Effects of Temperature on Sleep


Do you know that your body temperature varies between 96.8 and 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit over each 24 hour cycle? The average adult’s lowest temperature happens at around two hours before waking time. Many studies found that people slept better when their skin was slightly cooled.     Graph courtesy of National Center on Sleep Disorders Research   Actrek monitors your skin temperature throughout your day and focuses in during your sleep. By incorporating a multitude of sensors and our patented algorithms on #sleep quality, Actrek provides meaningful feedback so that the user can adjust to get a better night sleep.

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Actrek Puts Emphasis On Measuring And Tracking Your Body’s Flexibility


Flexibility is an important part of overall fitness along with endurance, strength and body composition. Flexibility affects your daily activities ranging from getting out of bed to doing your daily chores. In the meantime, for any sports and exercises, flexibility has great impact on your athletic performance. Having good flexibility will prevent you from injuries and unleash your full potential.   Actrek provides users with the capability of tracking their overall fitness status and improvements so that they could set their own goals, know what to improve, and how well they are doing.   Our patented design allows the user […]

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