Dear Actrek Supporters:


We like to introduce this exciting referral program to you so that you would have a chance to receive your Actrek for free.  You can earn $20 in credit every time a friend of yours makes a pledge to Actrek campaign.


How it works

  • Log into your Indiegogo account and make a pledge to Actrek (if you have not done so)
  • On the left side of Actrek campaign page, click on the LINK icon


Referral Instruction

  • Indiegogo will generated a unique URL for you
  • Copy and share your unique URL with your friends on social media and/or through emails
  • Every time a friend of yours clicks your unique URL and make a pledge to Actrek campaign, your credit will be accumulated
  • We will refund you the total amount of credit you have earned at the end of the campaign

How to check your earned credits


my contributions1

  • Log into your Indiegogo account
  • At the top right corner of the page, click on your profile name
  • Click “My Contributions” to bring up your contribution summary page
  • Click on Referals, you should be able to see your total referral credits

Please note that contributors can  not receive referral credit for referring themselves

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