Actrek Differentiations


Fitness trackers become very popular in the market for the past couple of years. In the meantime, the amount of feedback to the users by those devices are disappointing. We at Entanti focus on providing all-in-one solutions for Sports, Nutrition and Sleep in a much more profound way to address real issues and needs for the consumers.


As a sport monitor, Actrek supports many exercises ranging from yoga, cardio, jogging, biking to tennis, racquetball and golf. For each sport, Actrek monitors the activity levels, performance and associated physiological parameters. By having such comprehensive information recorded, users could track performance, improvement and set goals as part of their fitness plans.


Actrek could be worn on wrist, arm, belt, ankle and chest so that users could use it for their specific exercises.


As a snore monitor, user can use Actrek to improve their sleep. Snoring is long term health hazard and overtime, it may cause serious illnesses.


Actrek food logging system allows the users to track their food and drink very easily. By knowing the fitness conditions in relationship with nutrition intake, users could adjust their daily activities and diet to achieve health and fitness goals