Actrek supports the 3 pillars of health and fitness


There are 3 pillars that support our health and fitness. They are food, exercise and sleep. In our daily life, we often do not consider them as a whole while they are truly interconnected. Missing any one of them would wreck any efforts that we make to improve our wellness.


A good night sleep is essential for our body and mind to rest and recover from the stress due to the whole day’s activities. As Jojo Jensen said in his Dirt Farmer Wisdom, “without enough sleep, we all become tall two-year olds”


Having a good sleep everyday, we can improve our mood, concentration, memory, weight and our looks.


In the meantime, having a balanced diet is much more important than just reducing amount of calories. Our body’s organs and tissues need proper nutrition to work effectively. Without well balanced nutrition, our body is more prone to diseases, infection, fatigue and poor performance.


In addition to sleep and nutrition, regular exercise on a daily basis will help our bones, muscle, skin and mind to work together better.


At Entanti, we keep this holistic view of health and fitness as the fundamental principle to guild our product definition and design. We want to make Actrek the first health and fitness wearable to help consumers to improve their wellness effectively