Body composition is important to your health


Health practitioners universally agree that too much body fat is a serious health risk. Problems such as hypertension, elevated blood lipids (fats and cholesterol), diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, respiratory dysfunction, gall bladder disease, and some joint diseases


Very often, people mistake body composition for BMI. Body Mass Index (BMI) is a simplified indicator using a person’s weight vs. height comparing to a large population on average. Even though, BMI give a rough estimation of whether a person’s weight is on target, it is sometimes misleading. When people perform bodybuilding exercises, the body fat goes down while the muscle mass increase. In the meantime, their BMI remains the same and sometimes, goes up.


Body composition, on other hand, is looking at what a person’s body is actually made of. Most important factors of body composition are body fat, muscle index, and bone mass/density.


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