Actrek Puts Emphasis On Measuring And Tracking Your Body’s Flexibility


Flexibility is an important part of overall fitness along with endurance, strength and body composition. Flexibility affects your daily activities ranging from getting out of bed to doing your daily chores. In the meantime, for any sports and exercises, flexibility has great impact on your athletic performance. Having good flexibility will prevent you from injuries and unleash your full potential.


Actrek provides users with the capability of tracking their overall fitness status and improvements so that they could set their own goals, know what to improve, and how well they are doing.


Our patented design allows the user to identify their overall flexibility by wearing the device on their wrist, arm, chest, and ankle. Built-in sensors and detection algorithm will measure the range of motion of major joints and muscle groups along with other associated factors.


Track your flexibility to prevent injuries, improve your athletic performances, and live a healthier life with Actrek.