Challenging you to take your fitness and wellness to the next level.

The Actrek fitness device shown in with wristband configuration

Actrek, brought to you by Entanti Ltd., is a fitness and wellness solution for health and fitness enthusiasts, providing you with meaningful feedback on the quality of your nutrition, fitness and sleep.

More than just a step counter

  • Actrek supports a variety of activities. Customize your device with your favorite exercises.
  • Understand what to improve
  • Know if you're doing it right
  • Track if you're getting better
Strokes per minute
Angle and Speed
Heart Rate
Flexibility Gauge
Time and Pace strategies

Your fitness

Know your physical conditions beyond your heart rate

  • Plan and manage your fitness
  • Set your goals
  • Track your improvement
  • Monitor your endurance, strength, flexibility and body composition. The true measurement of your fitness level.
Fitness Level Indices
Body Fat
Muscle Index
Bone Density
Heart Rate
Oxygen Level
Body Temperature

Your Nutrition

Going beyond counting calories, Actrek makes tracking your nutrition an easy and integral part of your daily routine.

Log your food anywhere you go, at home, at a restaurant or at your friend's home.

Fish for dinner A Salad for lunch Cereal for breakfast
Total Fat Cholesterol Sodium Carbs Protein

Your Sleep

Knowing how much you toss and turn isn't enough!

  • Know your sleep quality level
  • Stop Snoring
  • Wake up well rested every day
Sleep Score99%
Heart Rate
98° F
The Actrek product lineup

Our Design

At Entanti Ltd., we understand that a fitness device has to be reliable.

  • Durable, Fashionable and comfortable to wear
  • You'll look good and feel good without ever having to worry if your fitness device can survive your punishing workouts!
Sample Nutrition screen from the Actrek App, shown on an iPhone6

Our App, Cloud
and Social Network

  • Set your goals
  • Track your improvement
  • Team up with your friends
Sample screens from the Actrek App, shown on an iPhone6
  • Home Screen from the Actrek App
  • Select your Activity screen from the Actrek App
  • View your Fitness Index with the Actrek App
  • View your Nutrition stats with the Actrek App
  • Get your Sleep Score with the Actrek App
  • Stay connected with your fitness focused friends with the Actrek App
  • Review your fitness routes with the Actrek App

Our Team

The Team at Entanti Ltd. is working hard to provide the best fitness device available; period! We've brought together some of the best minds in the industry and put them to work for you.

Our developers and designers have worked with Nokia, Qualcomm, Sony, LG and HP and have produced dozens of world winning consumer electronics over the past decade! Actrek will continue this legacy.

The Team @ Entanti Ltd.

Invest in Actrek

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